JavaFX Script test drive… amazing experience

“It is vain to do more with what can be done with less.” The quote of William of Ockham should be the moto of the JavaFX Script technology. This weekend I decided to go for a test drive with the JavaFX script, I am surprised of the simplicity and the power that lies under this technology. It is amazing how fast someone can learn to write useful programs, I recreated the user interface from the SCJD assignment in just one hour where in Swing it took me almost 6 hours. I usually use eclipse for development and there is a plugin for JavaFX but for writting JavaFX I suggest NetBeans 6.0 or 6.1, the plugin for the NetBeans platform is much better.

JavaFX Script is part of JavaFX which was announced by Sun in the JavaOne of May 2007, it’s purpose is to create RIA applications and obviously to compete with Adobe Air and MS Silverlight, the other part pf the JavaFX is JavaFX Mobile which is a java operating system for mobiles devices.

There are plenty of resources to learn JavaFX Scripting, Apress has also published a book on JavaFX Scripting. Check the following links for more information on this cool technology (There are a lot more links for the javafx but I can’t list them all).

Planet JFX

Open JFX

JavaFX @ Sun

James Weaver’s blog


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