Early Access Edition of JavaFX in Action

Manning Publications have a new JavaFX book in MEAP (early access edition), the author name is Simon Morris. Not surprisingly the title of the book is JavaFX in Action. The discription follows as it is published in manning site:

“Whether you’re writing a desktop app, spinning up a rich web interface, or pushing code to a mobile phone, graphics programming should be easier, and more fun, than it currently is. New technologies and devices—not to mention higher user expectations—have greatly multiplied the complexity level of interface programming. Enter JavaFX.

JavaFX is a set of Java-based rich user interface technologies that sits atop the existing Java Standard and Micro Editions, making current Java packages readily accessible from the JavaFX environment. At its heart is JavaFX Script, an innovative, compiled, domain specific language. JavaFX Script boasts a declarative syntax where the code structure mirrors the structure of the interface. Related UI pieces are kept in one efficient bundle, not strewn across multiple locations. A simple coding model reduces code complexity while increasing productivity. The JavaFX-specific libraries for presentation and animation take advantage of JavaFX Script’s unique language features.

JavaFX in Action is a hands-on tutorial that introduces and explores JavaFX through numerous bite-sized projects. The book provides a solid grounding in the JavaFX syntax and related APIs by showing you how to apply the key features of the JavaFX platform. You’ll absorb the fundamentals of the technology while exploring the possibilities JavaFX open up for your designs.

Author Simon Morris helps you transform variables and operators into bouncing raindrops, brilliant colors, and dancing interface components. Below the chrome, you’ll master techniques to make your applications more responsive and user friendly. You’ll also learn how to interact with your existing Java code so you can give your old apps some new JavaFX sparkle.”

I hope other authors are in contact with publication companies to publish more JavaFX books in NEAR future.

I am looking forward to read it!


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