The Scene Graph project

Project Scene Graph is an Open Source java implementation of a scene graph functionality (doesn’t make much sense, does it). So the question is what’s a scene graph? Well a scene graph is hierarchical representation of graphical objects, known as nodes, in a scene, in other words, it is a way of ordering the nodes into a hierarchy where parent nodes affect child nodes, think of this hierarchy of nodes as an n-tree where you can have as many nodes as you want.

The main goal of Scene Graph project is to support the JavaFX Script, however, you don’t need to wright JavaFX in order to take advantage of the Scene Graph since it is an API and can be included in projects just as any other API. In fact the Scene Graph API can be combined with Swing perfectly since it is written by the Java2D team. Needless to say that it is not limited to work with Swing or java applications, other languages and frameworks can take advantage of this cool API.

What can you do with Scene Graph API? Well, you can add a lot of cool features to your applications that without this API would had been very difficult if not impossible. The Scene Graph API allows creation and specification of several types of content:

  • Nodes: 2D graphics, Swing components, text, and images (for now)
  • State: transforms (positioning and orientation of nodes), visual effects, and other visual state of the content
  • Animation: varying properties of the scene graph objects over time
  • Effects: simple objects that change the appearance of scene graph nodes (e.g. blurs, shadows, color adjustment)

If you want to learn more about the Scene Graph visit: the home page of the project demos
Scene Graph Basics

Here are some pictures of their demos!
Vodpod videos no longer available.


4 thoughts on “The Scene Graph project

  1. You’re linking to the scene-graph documentation of Java3D at the end of your article.

    I suppose that’s not what you want ;-)

    • why wouldn’t I want that?
      The link is there as a source and for a further reading on scene graphs.
      If you have a better resource for Scene Graph, I will be happy to add/replace it.

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