Downloading to become a crime !!!

There is a bill that proposes that downloading files from internet will be a crime. The word files means any type of file doc, pdf, txt etc…(not the usual ones mp3s or movies that US corporates sue users for). The bill suggests that if you download a file without the permission of the owner then you are a criminal!!! It is interesting to see the proposed punishments which range from one to three months but also from one to three YEARS. Furthermore ISPs have to report to authorities for potentially criminal activity.

Don’t panic… yet. This bill concerns Brazil.

I am really wondering, the guys that make such a proposal are just stupid or are they being so well paid from the lobbies that they just do not care for the qonsequences that the law will have. Good job guys, this law will save ALL of us from this “CRIMINALS”. You are giving such a good example to the rest of the world… you can even suggest collaboration between all UN countries so that you can clean all the world from this “criminals” and make the intenet a better place for every corporate. I am not sure how George Orwell would feel that the glorious nation of Brazil is trying to implement what he wrote in the “1984” novel (of curse he had no idea about the internet).

In the north part of America there was another “smart” guys who unfortunatelly happend to be a judge in the case between Google and viacom. Do you think this is one is collaborating with Brazilian government too. So to make the story short (sure you can find a lot of details about this on the net, but be careful DO NOT DOWNLOAD the files if it happends to be from Brazil) Google lost the case and has to delivere to viacom a list of users with a lot of details.

So guys you are concerned about privicy have a look at the tor-project network.

Are we comming closer to the “middle ages” of internet or this are just sporadic cases that we all hope that they will stay sporadic !?